At Verrill Stables we take enormous pride in our business and recognize that our business is your passion.  Our family friendly environment provides clients the ability to learn and grow in a constructive atmosphere where communication is paramount.  From lunch on Saturdays for all, to ladies night on Thursdays for the adults, there is something for everyone at Verrill Stables.  In the early stages of our relationships with new riders, horse owners or VS clients we take the time to understand their goals and design a program that helps them achieve those goals.  Whether you are interested in showing at the national level or you are simply looking to take lessons in order to enhance your skills as a rider, there is a program for you at Verrill Stables.

         The Verrill Team

Once a client of Verrill Stables you immediately become a part of our family.  A family that supports you in horses, in competing and in life.  As is typical with families we rely on regular and honest communication with our clients to ensure that we are meeting and achieving their goals as set out from the beginning.  Often times in this industry communicating with your trainer when something is wrong is challenging.  At Verrill Stables we ask each of our clients to challenge us by communicating those issues to us so that we too can grow and better ourselves.

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         Shipley 134-048-15DF          Eva Riding

There are 3 key elements of our business that we live by each day:

  • Passionate: About our horses
  • Driven: To Succeed
  • Dedicated:  To our family of clients

To all of our clients, we thank you for your continued support of Verrill Stables.  We could not do this without you and each and every day, we wake up and strive to be the best with you in mind.

With Great Thanks,

Jess, Sam, Brittany, Josh, Pam & Dan

Verrill Stables
205 Kingston Rd.
Danville, NH 03819
(603) 819-4127