Jessica Savinelli VerrillJessica Savinelli Verrill

At the age of 6, Jessica’s father brought her to a local farm in Andover, MA for a beginners riding lesson.  Little did he know that on that afternoon he unleashed a passion that would guide the rest of Jessica’s life.  Growing up under the direction of Robin McGahey in Newton, NH, Jess developed a love for The American Saddlebred. With her heart set on William Woods University she took off for Missouri in 2001, spending the next 4 years learning under Gayle Lampe.

She made full use of her time in school spending time working for, Mike Wessel, John & Renee Biggins, Bill & Nancy Becker and Barbara Beemer.  She credits much of her success today to the experiences and learning opportunities she had alongside some of the great trainers of the Saddlebred industry.

In 2004 Jess proudly represented the U.S. as a member of the Five Gaited Team at the World Cup in Lexington, KY.  The team came together with a thrilling gold medal victory.  Shortly thereafter Jess was chosen as a member of the U.S. team to attend the Invitational in South Africa.  Once again, the team was victorious leaving Jess having been proud to wear the Red, White & Blue.

Graduating in 2005, Jess returned to New England and began her professional career where she spent the next 3 years working for Rob Turner.  After 3 years, she found herself ready to make the leap into her own endeavor.  On February 1st, 2008 Jess moved into the now home of Verrill Stables.  Fast forward 3 years, she’s built an addition adding on 21 stalls, grown her clientele and is rapidly growing one of the areas premier lesson programs.  Where does the success come from?  Jess looks to the amazing group of clients she has at Verrill Stables and her experiences earlier in life as the foundation of what’s at work.  About her customers she’ll tell you “You couldn’t ask for a better group of people.  I think of them as my family.  We share a passion for horses, competition and having fun while doing it.  I love each and every one of them.”

Most recently Jess took on the lead position of the NEHC medal.  With a move last year to the Octoberfest Horse Show, the NEHC had its most successful year in recent history.  Jess looks forward to the continued growth of this program and to being a key member of the team that restores equitation pride to New England.

Sam SargentSamantha Sargent

Sam joined the Verrill Stables team in March of 2010.  Upon joining the team she instantly became and integral piece of the barns success.  Prior to coming on board, Sam spent the last 8 years riding at CPM Stables in Newton, NH.  Taking to the saddle at the age of 5, Sam has spent the last 15 years competing both locally and nationally with several great ribbons at the Morgan Grand Nationals.  While she’ll always have a love for the Morgan breed, Sam has a talent and attitude that allows her tremendous success with Saddlebreds.

Never without a smile, Sam not only assists Jess with training, she is also the lead instructor for Verrill Stables.  Whether it’s Groupon, Rue La La or the Girl Scouts, Sam is never short of ideas for creating awareness for Verrill Stables.  Beyond a crucial member of the stables team, Sam has become a part of the Verrill Family.  “We cannot picture life without Sam.  She is one of the family.” said Jess about her relationship with Sam.

Alongside her life with horses Sam is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild and enjoys opportunities to attend casting calls as they arise.  Most recently, Sam could be seen in The Town, The Proposal and My Best Friends Girl.  Going to school in NYC & Colorado Sam has had the unique opportunity to live in different parts of the country.

Joshua VerrillJoshua Verrill

Josh’s passion for horses began the day he met Jess.  Wise beyond his years, he understood how important horses were to Jess and if there was any chance for Jess & Josh there would always be a heavy horse component.  Of course, at that time he figured it would be in the means of someday owning a show horse.  Little did he know then that his future would revolve around the horses with the launch of Verrill Stables and that his new found passion would grow into yet another love.

While attending the University of Missouri, Josh became good friends with Gayle Lampe often spending his evenings involved in a competitive ping pong match.  In the summer between his sophomore and junior year, Josh spent the summer at Undulata Farm with Hoppy Bennett.  Here, he learned the ins and outs about owning and operating a premier training facility.  “It was a once in a life time opportunity that gave me exposure to things that I didn’t know existed.  It enhanced my growing passion for horses and entrepreneurship and planted a seed that would eventually take root in the winter of 2008.

After graduating Josh went to work for  In 2008, Josh was a member of the team that founded and launched Rue La La, an online, members only, private sale site. Most recently, Josh has been made a member of the team launching Rue Local, a daily offer initiative launching within the walls of Rue La La.  Outside his corporate lifestyle, Josh enjoys his time in the stables and looks forward to hitting the show ring.  Josh’s other passions are building new businesses, spending an afternoon on the golf course and spending a week every winter on the Islands with a great group of friends.

Daniel VerrillDaniel Verrill

If there was someone that was going to be the face of Verrill Stables, it would be Dan.  For those that have met him they all have similar things to say.  “He has an infectious passion for life”.  “He is devoted to his family, the barn, and the staff at Verrill Stables”.

Growing up in upstate New York, he later moved to Kingston, NH where he met the love of his life, Dan has always taken to a life on the farm.  Arriving each morning promptly at 6:30 to drag the ring, make sure everyone has a hot cup of coffee and ensure that the day is off on the right foot, Dan is a regular face around the barn.  About his presence, Josh says “It’s comforting each morning that I pull out of the drive way to begin my commute to Boston, when I see his car in the yard.  Knowing he’s there puts me at ease and that day is going to be a good one.

Dan is also highly regarded for his regular Saturday lunches.  One of the perks to being a Verrill Stables client is being treated each Saturday with another of Dan’s delicious dishes.  Growing up in kitchens and cooking for large groups, Dan is accustomed to cooking for people and has a passion for treating them to a delicious lunch.  “The way we look at it, if we have something here each weekend for lunch, it means we get to enjoy our clients that much longer.  We want them to stay and enjoy the horses.  There isn’t a place we’d rather be than sitting in front of a large fire on a Saturday afternoon enjoying homemade chili talking about the upcoming show season”.

Pamela Verrill

Pam is the glue that holds the Verrill Stables operation together.  With over 30 years experience in finance, operations and strategy, Pam has focused since day 1 on creating not only a successful business but a scalable one.  She shares the same passion for the group of clients at Verrill Stables and is happy to call each of them a friend.

Like Josh, Pam has developed her passion and love for the American Saddlebred since Jess came into the family but she too admits that it’s moved beyond simply an interest and become a new found love.  Having a family business has been a long time dream of Pam’s.  With Verrill Stables she get’s to fulfill that dream and looks forward to the day she hits the show ring.

Outside of her dedication to the barn, Pam is also employed as the Vice President of Operations for Borislow Insurance.  From 1997 to 2007, Pam held a number of Financial and Operations positions in Internet Start-up companies.  Prior to tackling the internet start-up world, Pam spent 17 years at Digital Equipment Corporation helping lead the technology revolution.