2017 Verrill Stables Lesson Program

Effective January 20th, 2017, Verrill Stables has moved to a monthly lesson program.  Below you will find our lesson information, lesson packages and their corresponding monthly rates.

Monthly Packages: 

  • 1 Group Lesson per week: $185 per month
  • 1 Private Lesson per week: $225 per month
  • 1 Tiny Trotter Lesson per week: $123 per month
  • 1 Practice Ride per week: $123 per month

Lesson rates have been discounted to into account 5 week months

Make-Up Lessons: It is the student responsibility to schedule any make up lessons with the instructor and is based on availability and instructors discretion.

To schedule your lesson with Verrill Stables, please call: 603-686-9907.  Once enrolled with Verrill Stables, this number can be used via call or text to correspond about upcoming appointments.

For all Verrill Stables riders, there is a 24-hour cancellation notice required if you are unable to make a scheduled appointment. Cancellations are only accepted through the lesson cell phone (call or text) 603-686-9907 & through the barn phone 603-819-4127. If you do not cancel your lesson within 24 hours and you do not show up for your scheduled lesson, you will be charged for that lesson.

Lesson descriptions & per lesson rates:

  • Private Lesson: $55

    A Private lesson is designed for a one on one experience for a rider and instructor. There is 30 minuets of riding time and we ask for riders to plan on an additional 15 minuets before and after the lesson for care of the horse and equipment. We ask that all beginner riders start out in private or tiny trotter lessons until they have the skills and ability to move into group lessons. You can also book a private lesson to work on new skills or just have some one on one time with the instructors.

  • Group Lesson: $45

    A Group lesson is designed for students who are able to walk, trot, steer, and stop on their own. A group lesson consists of 50–60 minuets of riding time. We ask that you come early enough to tack up your horse before your lesson and stay after the lesson to properly put the horse away. If you are unable to do this please let the instructor know so arrangements can be made. There are 6 slots in each group lesson per instructor.

  • Tiny Trotter: $30

    A Tiny Trotter lesson is designed for beginner riders under the age of 7 years old (however we will allow older children at the instructors discretion). They are 20 minuets in riding time with 10 minuets of care time before and after each lesson. There can be up to two tiny trotters in a lesson. This allows younger kids to get started until they can graduate to private or group lessons.

  • Practice Rides: $30

    Practice rides are open to only current Verrill Stables Lesson Students and designed to allow our students to have time to practice the skills they have learned in a supervised environment. Instructor must approve student for practice rides. Students must be capable of properly caring for a horse on their own.

If you are interested in becoming a new lesson student of Verrill Stables, please email us at Verrillstables@gmail.com or call us at 603-686-9907 to get your lesson registration form!