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Our Lesson Program

At Verrill Stables we believe that horseback riding and horsemanship can play a pivotal role in teaching us all some of life's most important lessons.  Whether you are the parents of a child who is interested in riding horses for the first time or you are an adult looking to get back into riding, or even to ride for the first time, we have built our lesson program for you.

Horses are incredible animals and we believe that in the right environment, being around them offers each of us the opportunity to improve our self-awareness, hone a strong work ethic & develop an heir of confidence that will pay dividends in life and go well beyond the walls of the barn. 

We have developed a comprehensive lesson program that offers our customers an easy to manage schedule and helps maximize your time with the horses.  Below we've outlined the different packages that we offer.  Please don't hesitate to email us at if you would like to talk with one of our instructors about which package is best suited for you.  If your are a current customer, we appreciate your business.  If you are new to us and thinking about riding with us, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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For summer programs please also visit our camps page for more info.


Monthly Tuition Packages


Tuition lessons will run from September 1st – June 30th with a student fun show in late June. 

July and August will have open lesson times available for students to sign up for as well summer horsemanship programs.

The Gold Tuition Package - $285/month

A Gold lesson is designed for students who are able to walk, trot, steer, and stop on their own.  They must be able to tack, untack, and properly care for the horse they are riding.   


A gold lesson typically consists of 45 minutes of riding time and 15 minutes left to the instructors discretion. 


Riders arrive early to tack up their horse before their lesson and stay after the lesson to properly put the horse away.    


There are up to 8 slots in each gold group lesson. 

Reserve Your Spot. Email us today!

The Silver Tuition Package - $255/month

A Silver lesson is designed for students learning basic horsemanship skills throughout your hour experience.  Students will learn how to properly tack, untack, and care for the horse on the ground. 


A Silver lesson typically consists of 30 mins of riding and 30 mins open to the instructors discretion which could include but not limited to additional riding, leading, lunging, grooming, tacking, and various other horsemanship skills. 


There are up to 5 slots in each Silver group.

Reserve Your Spot. Email us today!

The Mini-Experience Package - $225/month

A Mini Experience lesson is designed for our beginner riders or our littlest riders.  It is 30 mins long and consists of 20 mins of riding time and 10 minutes left to the instructors discretion.

Reserve Your Spot. Email us today!

*Individual Package A La Cart Rates Available By Request

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