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Our Facility

Constructed in 2004 by Center Hill Barns, Verrill Stables boasts a state of the art facility with 38 stalls, a 200X80 heated indoor arena, a 200X80 outdoor arena, clean swept concrete isles, a large welcoming lounge with a massive stone fireplace, free Wifi and cozy leather couches. 


In 2009, Center Hill came back to the property and added 21 stalls, increasing the capacity to 38, a 12 X 24 tack room with hot water and ample room for tack, saddles and equipment.  The indoor arena is surrounded by large glass windows that allow sunlight to provide natural light throughout the year.  Walking through the front door you’ll hear soft tunes from a surround sound system that helps create an even more welcoming environment.


During the colder months of the year the lounge becomes a regular place of time well spent.  Sitting around a roaring fire while riders ride in the indoor and the snow falls gently outside.  With large glass windows looking out into the indoor arena owners can watch their horses work while staying warm, parents can open their laptops and continue working in one of the large leather sofas while their kids enjoy a riding lesson.  Or, if you happen to be there on a Sunday afternoon in the fall (hint, hint…Dads), you can keep up on the latest scores from around the NFL while enjoying the Patriots game.


The heated indoor allows riders to enjoy their passion year round.  A “must-have” in New England, this state of the art arena allows Verrill Stable’s riders to practice in a horse show environment even when the snow is falling, to prepare for the rings we’ll see while on the road showing.  


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