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Our Training Program

The Training Program at Verrill Stables is one of the flagships of our business.  Upon entering the barn, each horse goes on a customized work schedule to meet the different needs of each horse and rider.  At the same time a specific diet is determined to ensure that all of our horses remain healthy, whether it be in the colder months of the winter or while being in a more stressful environment on the road.  We have programs for all ages of horses starting with young horses just getting their show careers underway to more seasoned show horses.

Our training program extends beyond the horses and applies to the riders and drivers as well.  Teaming horse and rider is something that Jess and team take very seriously.  Outside of riding their own horses, we encourage our riders to take regular lessons on our lesson horses to help teach and develop them into skilled horsemen.  Being able to answer the call and hit the show ring with confidence more often than not leads to better show results and a more enjoyable experience.

Verrill Stables offers all horse enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy their beloved hobby.  Supporting local shows, showing at the national level, acquiring and training a young horse or learning and growing with a seasoned horse are just some of the options you have with Verrill Stables.  For all ages, the sky is the limit.

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